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  1. I run a DNA project for adopted children from Cambodia called Khmer Cousins DNA Project. Our primary goal is to see if the children are related to each other. Because of the circumstances in Cambodia from 1990-2002 when adoption was open to the US, most of these children had their birth identities erased and had their birth names and dates changed. Some did get birth family info but most did not. Here is our website

  2. Cece I took the Nat Geo Genome test.....found that I am T2b3e there is a part on there MyStory...where thru a series of dots I got one person...they say I am closest related.....starts with romanov mediterranean then united states Jesse James.......the one person ....apparently the same....My related would that make us....and if I finally do get the money to switch to the Nat Geo Family tree.....I wonder if this is even going to change any results...or what exactly its going to do for me