Sunday, April 28, 2013

DNA Testing Opens a New World to Adoptees

The success stories for adoptees using DNA to learn about their roots are coming in fast and furious lately, so I thought it was about time for a blog dedicated to them.


  1. Your video is clear and interesting. Good to hear your voice

  2. I'm adopted, and was excited to get my Geno 2.0 results.

    I was puzzled, however by how they chose the reference populations.

    I am 43% Northern European, 36% Mediterranean, and 19% SW Asian.

    It seems that my closest match would be German: 46% Northern European, 36% Mediterranean, and 17% SW Asian.

    That's pretty close isn't it? Is the average German any closer?

    Yet, for my first reference population they selected Bulgarian, which is 46% Mediterranean, 31% Northern European, 20% SW Asian, and 2% NE Asian.

    For my second reference population they selected Russian, 51% Northern European, 25% Mediterranean, 18% SW Asian, and 4% NE Asian.

    It seems my first reference population ought to be German, and my second British, which is 50% Northern European, 33% Mediterranean, and 17% SW Asian.

    Do you know why they chose the reference populations they did? Perhaps it's simply that they're still in Beta.

    1. Hi Ross,
      You are far from alone! Many people are confused by the reference populations that were chosen as their closest matches by Geno 2.0. I don't know the answer, except that you probably hit the nail on the head and they still need to do some tweaking to their algorithms.
      Have you tested at 23andMe yet? I prefer their Ancestry Composition feature for "ethnic" breakdowns.
      Thanks for commenting,