Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adoptee Finds Her Birth Sister at 23andMe Through a First Cousin Match

Greta had searched for decades for her birth mother, Carolyn Palmer, without success. She had all but given up on finding her birth family when she joined 23andMe, but her dreams were realized when her DNA matched her to a maternal first cousin, Laura Oliver. Through that match, she learned that, sadly, her birth mother had died only months earlier, but that she had a living sister who was looking for her too.

I was aware of this reunion, but was unsure as to whether it would be made public, so I was happy to see that 23andMe published a story about it earlier today. Since there are many of these success stories thanks to DNA now, but most of them stay private, I wanted to quickly get this out to my readers.

Don't give up, adoptees...there is hope through DNA!


  1. Wonderful! Send this story to those backwards legislators in NY State, and NY Gov. Cuomo, and NJ Gov. Christie.

    Autosomal DNA testing and reunion stories like this gives us renewed hope!

    1. That's for sure, Judy! And as you know, there are MANY more like this one that we cannot publish. Don't worry - your day will come soon!

  2. Love this story. It gives other adoptees such hope...